Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer

     Potassium fulvic liquid fertilizer is a fertilizer containing potassium. Potassium is an organic fertilizer, also known as potassium humus. It is extracted from rotten plants and animal residues, with rich organic matter and plant nutrients.     Potassium fulvic liquid fertilizer helps improve soil structure, promote plant growth, and increase crop yield. It can provide the nutritional elements required by plants, while improving the ability and fertility of soil moisture. Potassium fulvic liquid fertilizer is usually used in agricultural production and horticultural planting, and can be applied by spraying or irrigation. 

     Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: The liquid form of Potassium Fulvate allows for quick and efficient absorption of nutrients by plant roots. Fulvic acid present in the fertilizer helps chelate and transport essential nutrients, improving their uptake and utilization by plants. 

     Improved Plant Growth: Potassium Fulvate liquid fertilizer stimulates plant growth and development by promoting root growth, nutrient absorption, and overall plant vigor. This can lead to healthier plants with enhanced resistance to stresses. 

     Soil Conditioning: The application of Potassium Fulvate liquid fertilizer can help improve soil structure, increase water retention, and enhance nutrient availability. It supports beneficial microbial activity in the soil, contributing to soil health and fertility. 

     Increased Stress Tolerance: Plants treated with Potassium Fulvate liquid fertilizer are better equipped to tolerate environmental stresses such as drought, heat, and disease. The fertilizer helps improve plant resilience, stress response mechanisms, and overall plant health. 

     Yield Enhancement: By providing plants with essential nutrients and supporting healthy growth, Potassium Fulvate liquid fertilizer can lead to increased crop yields and improved quality of produce. It helps plants reach their full potential and maximize productivity. 

     Convenient Application: The liquid form of Potassium Fulvate fertilizer allows for easy and precise application to the soil or as a foliar spray. It ensures uniform distribution of nutrients and effective nutrient absorption by plants. 

     Environmental Sustainability: Potassium Fulvate liquid fertilizer is an eco-friendly and sustainable option for promoting plant growth and soil health. It reduces the reliance on synthetic chemicals, supports soil biodiversity, and promotes long-term agricultural sustainability. 

     Overall, the benefits of using Potassium Fulvate liquid fertilizer include improved nutrient uptake, enhanced plant growth, better soil health, stress tolerance, increased crop yields, and environmental sustainability. It is a valuable tool for growers looking to optimize plant growth and productivity in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

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     Potassium fulvate is a kind of high efficiency organic potash fertilizer, its active content humic acid and fulvic acid can improve quantity of soil available potassium, reduce the loss and fixation of potassium, increase the uptake and utilization of potassium by plants.

     Compare with other potash fertilizer, it can improve fertilizer utilization 87%-95%. Improve quantity and quality of crops.

     Mix with Urea, N, P, K fertilizer, trace element, DAP etc. to make High Efficiency and Multi-Function inorganic compound fertilizer.

     When mix with Urea, it can save the dosage of Urea by one-third, and can extend fertilizer efficiency 40-50days.

Liquid Light Fulvic Acid.jpg



Black liquid

Total humic Acids

(as dry basis)

120 G/L min

Fulvic acid content

(as dry basis)

100 G/L min


(K2O as dry basis)

20 G/L min

PH value




     1KG 10KG, 25KG package,and customer designated packing is available.
     Product should store at a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment.

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