About us

Shandong Huayuan Humic Acid Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan city, the capital of Shandong Province. The company consists Ningxia Humic Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Zhongsheng Humic Acid Co., LTD. Our company has developed mineral humic acid and fulvic acid products for over ten years, at present, the company’s business can be divided into three parts: Humic agricultural products series such as mineral potassium fulvate, humic acid, bio-organic fertilizer and mineral potassium humate etc. Humic ecological breeding series such as sodium humate etc.  Humic plus microbial soil remediation series.

At present, the company has established a good industry-university-research cooperation relationship with a number of research institutions such as Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Our company has three production area bases in Yin chuan of Ningxia Province, Jin zhong of Shanxi Province, and Weifang of Shandong Province, covering a total area of 45,000 square meters, with an annual output of 40,000 tons high-quality humic acid fertilizer, 8,000 tons of mineral fulvic acid and 15,000 tons of humic acid feed additives and soil remediation agents.

With its own excellent humic acid mineral resources, our company aims to be a high-quality supplier of humic acid products both in domestic and abroad. At present, the products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, South America, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and other countries. Our company's sales volume has increased year by year. Adhering to the development tenet of science and technology first, low carbon and environmental protection, the company will be a green, healthy, and sustainable high-quality modern agricultural company.

Shandong Huayuan Humic Acid Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.