Humic Acid Granular Fertilizer 70%

Product advantage:

1.High Nutrient Content: With a 70% concentration of humic acid, this fertilizer provides a concentrated source of organic carbon and essential nutrients for plants, promoting healthy growth and development.

2.Soil Amendment: Humic acid granules help improve soil structure, porosity, and water retention capacity. They enhance soil aeration, promote root development, and increase nutrient availability to plants, leading to improved soil fertility and productivity.

3.PH Regulation: Humic acid acts as a natural pH buffer, helping to maintain soil pH within the optimal range for plant growth. It can neutralize soil acidity or alkalinity, creating a more favorable environment for nutrient uptake and plant health.

4.Stress Resistance: The presence of humic acid in the soil stimulates the production of plant defense mechanisms, enhancing resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and temperature fluctuations. This can result in better crop yields and quality, especially under adverse growing conditions.

5.Long-Term Benefits: Humic acid granular fertilizer with a 70% concentration provides long-lasting benefits to soil health and fertility. It promotes the proliferation of beneficial soil microorganisms, improves nutrient cycling, and reduces nutrient loss through leaching and runoff, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

6.Versatility: Humic acid granules can be easily applied to a wide range of crops, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and ornamentals. They can be used in various soil types and climates, making them a versatile option for agricultural and horticultural applications.

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The main function of humic acid is to increase soil nutrient content. It enhances soil improvement, increases nutrient availability, and stimulates the activity and resistance of beneficial microorganisms. Humic acid has long-term benefits by making more essential nutrients available to plants and helping to retain water in the soil. In addition, humic acid helps to balance soil PH levels and improve the overall health of the soil.

Humic Acid Granular Fertilizer 70%

Humic Acid Granular Fertilizer 70%



Black Granular

Humic acid content

(as dry basis)

70% min

Organic matter

(as dry basis)

85% min

PH value



25% max

Humic acid is usually used in agriculture, horticulture, and gardening applications. It is utilized as a soil change or fertilizer additive to beautify soil fertility and plant growth. Some frequent makes use of of humic acid include:
Soil conditioner: Humic acid can be brought at once to the soil to enhance its structure, amplify nutrient retention, and beautify water-holding capacity.
Seed treatment: Coating seeds with humic acid earlier than planting can promote germination, enhance seedling emergence, and decorate early root development.
Fertilizer additive: Humic acid can be combined with fertilizers or utilized alongside them to beautify their effectiveness. It helps to forestall nutrient loss, enhance nutrient uptake, and minimize fertilizer leaching.
Foliar spray: Humic acid can be utilized as a foliar spray immediately to plant leaves. This helps to enhance nutrient absorption, promote photosynthesis, and decorate usual plant health.
Compost accelerator: Adding humic acid to compost piles can velocity up the decomposition manner and decorate the nutrient content material of the ensuing compost.
Hydroponics: Humic acid can be used in hydroponic structures to supply vital vitamins and enhance water and nutrient uptake with the aid of the plants.
750kg-1500KG/Hectare, may want to be use with NPK together
Also please think about nearby soil, climate circumstance and irrigation method, and take lifelike advice from nearby agronomist.
25KG, 50KG package, or 1 ton package deal and patron certain packing is available.
Product ought to shop at a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment.

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