Potassium Fulvate Liquid

Advantages of Potassium Fulvate Liquid:

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Potassium Fulvate liquid can improve the uptake and utilization of essential nutrients by plants. It acts as a chelating agent, making nutrients more available in the soil and promoting efficient absorption by plant roots.

Stimulates Plant Growth: The presence of fulvic acid in potassium fulvate liquid can stimulate plant metabolism and growth. This leads to increased root development, better flowering, and overall enhanced crop yield.

Improved Soil Structure: Potassium fulvate liquid helps in improving soil structure by promoting aggregation and increasing microbial activity. This enhances soil fertility, water retention, and nutrient availability, creating a healthier growing environment for plants.

pH Balance: Potassium fulvate liquid can help balance soil pH levels, making it more conducive to plant growth. It can neutralize acidic or alkaline soils, creating a more optimal pH range for nutrient availability and uptake.

Stress Tolerance: By providing plants with essential nutrients and promoting healthy growth, potassium fulvate liquid can help enhance stress tolerance. This can help plants withstand environmental stressors such as drought, salinity, or nutrient deficiencies.

Environmental Benefits: Potassium fulvate liquid is derived from natural sources, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable for agricultural use. It helps reduce the reliance on synthetic chemicals and promotes soil health in a natural way.

Convenient Application: The liquid form of potassium fulvate allows for easy application through various methods such as soil drenching, foliar spraying, or drip irrigation. This ensures efficient nutrient delivery to plants for optimal growth and productivity.

In summary, potassium fulvate liquid offers multiple advantages for plant growth, soil health, and overall crop productivity. By incorporating this organic fertilizer into agricultural practices, farmers can enhance nutrient uptake, stimulate plant growth, and promote sustainable farming practices for improved agricultural outcomes.

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Product Details


Potassium fulvate liquid is an organic compound derived from natural sources such as humic substances. It contains potassium, an essential macro-nutrient for plant growth, combined with fulvic acid, a beneficial bioactive compound. This specialized liquid formulation provides plants with important nutrients, bioactive compounds, and soil conditioning properties to support healthy growth and enhance crop productivity.

Key Features of Potassium Fulvate Liquid:

Potassium Content: Potassium is crucial for various physiological processes in plants, such as enzyme activation, photosynthesis, and osmotic regulation. Potassium fulvate liquid provides a readily available source of potassium to support optimal plant growth and development.

Fulvic Acid: Fulvic acid is a natural organic compound that improves nutrient uptake and stimulates plant growth. In potassium fulvate liquid, fulvic acid acts as a chelating agent, promoting nutrient absorption and enhancing plant metabolism.

Liquid Formulation: The liquid form of potassium fulvate allows for easy and efficient application to plants and soil. It can be applied through various methods, including soil drenching, foliar spraying, or drip irrigation, ensuring effective nutrient delivery to plants.

Nutrient Uptake: Potassium fulvate liquid enhances nutrient uptake by plants by chelating essential nutrients in the soil, making them more available for plant roots to absorb. This promotes healthy growth and improves overall plant vitality.

Soil Conditioning: The application of potassium fulvate liquid can improve soil structure, increase microbial activity, and enhance soil fertility. This leads to better nutrient retention, water holding capacity, and overall soil health, providing an optimal growing environment for plants.

Stimulates Plant Growth: The bioactive compounds in potassium fulvate liquid stimulate plant metabolism and growth. This can result in improved root development, increased flowering, and higher crop yields.

Sustainable Agriculture: Being derived from natural sources, potassium fulvate liquid is environmentally friendly and promotes sustainable farming practices. It supports soil health, reduces reliance on synthetic chemicals, and aids in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

In summary, potassium fulvate liquid is a valuable organic fertilizer that provides essential nutrients, bioactive compounds, and soil conditioning properties to support plant growth and enhance crop productivity. Its liquid form allows for easy application and efficient nutrient delivery, making it a versatile tool for farmers seeking to optimize plant nutrition and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Potassium Fulvate Liquid




Black liquid

Total humic Acids

(as dry basis)

120 G/L min

Fulvic acid content

(as dry basis)

100 G/L min


(K2O as dry basis)

20 G/L min

PH value



1L 5L package, and customer designated packing is available.
Product should store at a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment.

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